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Irish Class A functions
Function number Sound Operation
F0 - Directional lights (FOf+FOr)
F1 Startup/shutdown -
F2 Short horn -
F3 Long horn -
F4 Brake hiss Brakes are applied
F5 - Light engine mode
F6 Air release -
F7 Coupling/uncoupling -
F8 Flange squeal -
F9 Guard's whistle -
F10 - Directional tail lights (FO1+FO2)
F11 ETHEL mode (maintains idle sound at all speeds) -
F12 Fade out/in -
F13 Coach door slam -
F19 - Master volume down
F20 - Master volume up
Irish Class A notching
CV 265 value Notch 1 Notch 2 Notch 3 Notch 4
101 1 18 36 55
102 1 23 46 68
103 1 27 55 81
104 1 36 72 108
F4 Brake On pressing F4 the sound of the brakes being applied will be heard. At the same time, if the throttle is set to zero, the loco will slow down as if the brakes have been applied. The rate of braking can be adjusted via CV4. As per the prototype, the engine will be heard to notch into fast idle whilst the brake is ON.
This project is powered by our Mr Soundguy RealDrive system.
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